• Digital Construction & Robotic Manufacturing

    An ecosystem of startups and decision-makers dedicated to digital construction and robotic manufacturing industries where entrepreneurs and corporates disrupt the way we design, construct & maintain the built environment

  • Digital Construction & Robotic Manufacturing Lab

    Innovation has a key role to play in sectors of Digital Construction & Robotic Manufacturing and IMPULSE LABS detects the most innovative start-up and connects them with major industrial firms in an attempt to boost the launch of their technology.

    « After a precise selection,we offer to start-up office desks, financial supports and a network. Start-up arrive on the market after having saved several months in their development»

  • The Ecosystem


    A catalyst for opportunities

    • Join an ecosystem with the most innovative and promising startups
    • Proximity between startups/well informed investors/ industry and real estate partners
    • Funding from Paris innovation
    • Seed capital and loans on trust


    We provide our accelerated startups with hosting services, financial support and a network that saves them months of development time.


    Professional and industrial decision-makers in the construction and energy sectors

    • A direct access and involvement in the startups ecosystem
    • An active watch on innovation in this sector
    • Open Innovation: plateform for collaboration and exchange
    • Corporate Venture
    • Notoriety, image and involvement in the ecosystem


    A holistic approach


    • Numerical Modeling
    • Collaborative Software / BIM
    • 3D Printing
    • Robotics Engineering
    • Modular Fabrication
    • Smart Building
    • Robotic Diagnosis

    Champs d'application

    • Augmented Reality
    • Real Estate 3D Platform
    • Housing Design
    • Building Site Monitoring
    • Frameless Construction
    • Automated Robots
    • Robotic Articulated Arms
    • Reconfigurable Space
    • Machine-to-Machine
    • Mapping
    • Drone Data Analytics
    • ...
  • Innovation Hub

    Innovation ecosystem connecting startup companies and decisions makers

    on key issues from digital construction’s field


  • Accelerated Startups

    Collaborative mobile app for construction and real estate professionals. This app is used for site supervision in real time.

    Civil drones used to improve the productivity of earthwork, civil engineering and linear arrays operations.

    Augmented reality applications for professionals.

    Platform that enables individuals and professionals to reach decorators and interior designers, through paid contests.

    Industrialization of energetic rehabilitation for collective buildings (digital model and prefabrication).

    « Anonymous » market place for the ten-year warranty market.

    Operating system dedicated to smart building which connects all building’s actors, services and equipment on a single shared frame.

    Concrete passive buildings with prefabricated outer insulation which guarantees « 0 thermal bridge ».

    New interface generation men-machines based on the eye’s behavior.

    Collaborative platform, allowing architects to share their work and inspiration and to reuse elements of other projects.

    Insulation of floors and walls by a robot passing under the floor or in the wall, projecting an insulating foam.

    Energy analysis platform for buildings in operation which identifies the causes of the gap between theoretical energy performance and reality.

    Technologic solution for stereogrammetry and 3D-metric scan for industrial environment.

    Web and mobile platform which facilitates the management of equipment for construction sites. The platform serves as a link between renters and monitors rented machines.

    Design and construction of affordable and easy-to-use robots for industry.

    Conception and large scale concrete 3D-printing of complex architectural elements.

    Conception and large scale concrete 3D-printing of complex architectural elements.

    3D-scan app for tablet which digitizes a room in less than 3 minutes.

    Scanning technology for real estate properties which makes it possible to organize remotely virtual visits.

    New modular housing concept with high-performance concrete.

    Platform which transforms all kind of data in innovative services (APIs, data visualization, real time monitoring).

    3D-online platform offering a complete catalog of furniture and decoration items and allowing to try in 3D one’s own virtual place.

    Provider of turnkey solution for professional drones (from acquisition to effective use of the drone).

    BIM digitization engineering for energetic renovation and asset management


    Set of services powered by drones: monitoring, data analysis, photogrammetry… Escadrone also offers training sessions to optimize the use of drones.

    Exoskeleton following the preserved man and augmented man concepts. It can lift loads up to 25 kilos thanks to articulated arms.

    Storage and sharing platform of 3D-files used to optimise project management, customer experience, digital model and training sessions.

    Numerical application that enables companies to show products integrated in real time and size to the environment.

    Conception of earth based, flying and marine drones.

    First software that helps professionals to make decisions by simulating big and complex industrial projects.

    Web platform to exchange data between suppliers and specifiers from the construction and digital mock-up field.

    Robotic navigation that enables to analyze complex environments.

    MyCloud3D, and its brand REALIZ3D, makes real time digital mock-up available on any device.

    Solution for digital mock-up and data collecting in order to manage and improve building’s state.

    YellowScan designs and develops ultra-compact and lightweight LiDAR 3D laser mapping for drone deployment in industrial & scientific applications.

    Mobile solution for augmented reality : a cube fully made of screens and sensors for multiple applications.

    Add-on home kit to extend your accommodation at a lower cost while maintening well-being, solidity, design, eco-responsibility.

    Automatic generation of digital 3D mock-up (BIM) from 2D plans.

    Cleaning robot device by extracting powder from solar photovoltaic panels.

    Digital platform designed to facilitate the ordering of custom-made furniture among the 38,000 creative craftsmen in France, graduates and working in a dedicated workshop (metal, wood, glass, ...).

    The Push4M lever arm activator allows the lifting and moving of large masses while mobilizing much less energy (at least 50%) than traditional activators using longitudinal traction.

    Computer vision software able of detecting any type of object in the visual field of the camera and understanding its context. The technology works in embedded, real-time, offline and on inexpensive processors.

    iBAT Appli is a multi-vendor material control application

    Labonnebrique.fr connects all the market players in the building sector to a dedicated marketplace. The site allows professionals to deposit or consult a showcase of their activity describing their offers and services, proposing their achievements, while referencing their standards, insurance (RGE, Decennial).

    Web platform for the BIM collaboration of construction and construction projects, Dabox.

    Les Companions

    Develops painters-robots to assist in the painting building.

    1: 1 scaled holograms of BIM models. A practical application of the BIM to facilitate collaborative work, information flows and data centralization.

    Offers an end-to-end wireless sensor solution, revolutionary in terms of simplicity, robustness, scalability and total cost of ownership. The world’s smallest sensors.

    Today half of the global population lives in cities and by 2050 that number is likely to reach 70%. Although cities occupy only 2% of the land they are responsible for 70% of carbon emissions and consume 60% of the world’s energy.

    BIMCHAIN.io fulfils the promises of BIM thanks to the Blockchain : Commitment. Protection. Trust

    BIM&CO, the collaborative platform of BIM content

    The solution for disseminating know-how: work instructions, procedures, knowledge base, documentation techniques, product support, wiki enterprise.

    HUS Unmanned Systems brings robotics to life, empowering them with energy in the field, flawless navigation capabilities, data collection and transmission.

    NDT Scanners, Magnetic Carriers, Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement Devices for Storage Tanks Inspection, Shipbuilding & Defense.

    Be part of the next revolution

    1001rues is a platform designed to support decision-making and exchanges, facilitating users’ implication in improving our living environments.

    Construction works themselves give access to information and services: plans, reports, schedules, conciergeries, adjustments and natural settings ...

    Specialised in the conception and production of waterproof connected devices. Blue Whale Company’s products are self-powered by lithium batteries which can operate between 10 and 15 years.

    Real time positioning system aiming on building sites. It helps to reinforce security of people and equipment thanks to a connected technology.

    ContractChain uses the blockchain technology to digitalise, authenticate, simplify and ensure the accuracy of construction contracts.

    Mobibam produces custom-made furniture which can be designed and ordered online and delivered to clients.

    Strains produces conception software designed for the construction industry and conceived to optimise structures more rapidly and verify the strength of existing ones.

    Aerial Coboticus is an R&D company which conceives et fabricates remote controlled industrial drones.

    SnapKin offers a new service modelling 2D / 3D building professionals and architecture with a 3D scanner.

    Syscobat is an exclusive distributor of B2R+ wood and concrete constructive systems.

    TwinswHeel is an autonomous parcel delivery droid designed and manufactured to contribute to the future of urban logistic.

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